• December 11, 2019
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    The professional Solar PV Installation (Off-Grid) Training curriculum has been updated to include Grid Connected and Load Distribution training modules at the training center.

    To this effect, the training that commenced on December 9th 2019 is divided into 3 parts:

    1. Off-Grid: Learn how to professionally install, maintain and troubleshoot Off-Grid solar powered systems using the stand alone approach. Understand the benefits of DC appliances and Energy Efficient devices.
    2. Grid Connected: Learn how to professionally install maintain and troubleshoot Grid connected solar powered systems with other power source systems (Grid/Generator/Gas). Identify key components e.g. inverters and its compatibility with the system design at hand.
    3. Load Distribution: Professionally separate loads in household wirings to improve performance of installed solar systems and understand the importance of system management.

    ASREA Certificate is endorsed by the Council for Renewable Energy Nigeria (CREN) and Sustainable Energy Practitioners Association of Nigeria (SEPAN) among other Renewable Energy Agencies in Nigeria.

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