Solar PV Installation, Products and Entrepreneurship



It introduces the basic fundamental concepts of solar electricity design and installations. Students will discover how to utilize solar Pv electricity for residential and commercial energy generation purposes and learn how to mitigate global climate change and reduce green-house gases for better environmental conditions. The solar training includes site evaluation tools and techniques, solar electric component operation and connection, system design and sizing, AS solar product knowledge.

This Training will use formal lectures, informal class discussions, class hand-on-activities, indoor and outdoor practicals, possible field visits or tours, and (Potentially) guest speakers to achieve the descriptions noted above.

• No solar industry experience is assumed.
• Basic skills required: add, subtract, multiple, divide, fractions, decimals, algebra, percentages,use of formulas, & word problems.
• Use of a scientific calculator
• Use of the internet and internet based tools
• Use of a volt, ohm and ammeter





Students who complete the Solar PV Installation course will be able to:

1. Describe markets and applications for photovoltaic systems.
2. Identify safety hazards of photovoltaic systems.
3. Identify practices and protective equipment used for PV systems installation and maintenance.
4. Define and demonstrate solar energy fundamentals.
5. Conduct site assessments and planning for PV systems installations.
6. Explain the characteristics of different PV system configurations.
7. Explain and calculate PV module parameters using module specifications.
8. Explain the differences between various PV technologies.
9. Describe the purpose and operation of PV balance-of-system (BOS) components.
10. Calculate photovoltaic array and BOS component sizing.
11. Conduct PV systems electrical design/integration per National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements.
12. Calculate and analyze photovoltaic system performance.
13. Understand proper installation and troubleshooting procedures.
14. Understand and use the tools and online calculators for PV system design and installation.
15. Understand Solar Product knowledge and business startups.
16. Mitigate climate change and energy poverty through the use of Solar Products.
17. Understand better environmental protective measures.

  • Mr. Muyiwa Okediran (ASREA Lead Instructor)
  • Mr. Habeeb Olaide
  • Engr. Hezekiah Adeniyi (Head of Technical Department)
  • Mr. Segun Olofinsawe

1. Introduction to Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Green Economy.
2. Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Systems- The basic Electricity.
3. Solar Resources and Solar cell (Cells, Modules, and Arrays).
4. System Components and electrical connections ( Solar Cell, Batteries, Charge Controllers, Inverters)
5. Solar Photovoltaic configurations and applications.
6. Site Surveys, Safety, Preplanning and Energy Audit.
7. System Sizing and installation.
8. Mechanical/Electrical Integration.
9. Commissioning, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.
10. Entrepreneurship and Solar product Training.
11. Final Examination and Certification

Duration 1 Week
COURSE FEE: N30,000.00
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