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Offgrid technology helps in so many ways. We have seen, first-hand the sort of transformation that takes place when we connect a remote community hitherto un-served to clean, safe & reliable energy. It kicks off commerce, drives change in lifestyle, improves health in such areas. https://t.co/aZ8e6nz0Tg astevengroup photo

As the renewable energy industry continues to evolve &grow in Africa, stakeholders are positive that this growth will continue to reveal new expert skills, team collaboration & job specifications, all of which will have long-term positive impact. #sdg7 #astevengroup #astevensolar https://t.co/mBPVE5qCgD astevengroup photo

With the deployment of off-grid technologies, we plan to maximize the economic, social and environmental benefits of rural electrification. Beyond powering sub-saharan Africa communities, with every project executed, the expertise of renewable energy in Africa is strengthened. https://t.co/Ayg1COLPa2 astevengroup photo

Dr Sunny Akpoyibo Ph.D will be on live documentary on Tuesday 28th January, 2020... 10am prompt. Showing on Silverbird Television, the African Brand show... On gotv, Dstv and startimes. Stay tune... #sdg7 #astevengroup #asrea
#solarenergy #documentary #silverbirdtv #africanbrand https://t.co/VJstr7bAcB
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