• Intensified Roof Panel Installation Simulation at ASREA

    • April 11, 2019
    • Posted By : ASteven Group
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    Practical sessions have commenced at the training center for the April 8th – 12th SPVI training with participants getting a first hands-on experience using the right tools for measurements with regards to taking readings from the sun irradiation, temperature and inclination of the solar panel to ascertain the best position to place a panel for the optimal result. A simulation roof for panel installation is provided at ASREA to provide professional approach in understanding the concept behind the process.

    Group installations of 12volts and 24volts designs are key installation practices which will be explained by the Instructors as they carry out the assignment. The trainees are expected to round up group installations and troubleshooting practices at the workshop today while tomorrow will have them on assessment installations as part of the test to ensure that they are competent enough in basic Solar PV Installations.

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